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02 February 2024 (22:00) Spinning Wheel Add To Website You Can Win Points
02 February 2024 (22:00) Titan Vocation Removed From Shop and will Add after 2 Weeks
02 February 2024 (22:00) To use Demi You need to be any Normal vocation level 950K or higher
02 February 2024 (22:00) To use Titan You need to be Demi Guard level 950K or higher
02 February 2024 (22:00) Upgrade System add to Server, Now You Can Loot items from Boss and Upgrade Dust To upgrde your items
31 January 2024 (05:08) by [VIP] Gamemaster -

welcome to madness-online.net
Season V

Tipo Hollywood 1000000
Bersek 1000000
Khemia 1000000
Kwanzaai 1000000
Bane 1000000

Hello dear, i have a question about Madness-Online, are you available?