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Item: Image: Count: Points:
Loot chance X30 {increase your loot chance by 30} img 1x 40
Loot chance X15 {increase your loot chance by 15} img 1x 20
Demi-Guard Vocation {Need Level 950K or Higher} img 1x 20
Titan Vocation {Need Demi-Guard X10} img 1x 40
Madness Vocation img 1x 80
event coins {100} img 100x 18
Madness Cristal 35% {HP/mana, +15% Damage {Ammo slot}} img 1x 20
Madness Cod { ***best Cod in Server*** } img 1x 35
madness hand {Damage +35 mana/health 7% {Ammo slot}} img 1x 40
Titan Vocation Upgrade {Upgrade your vocation +1 and get special power (Titan only, max 30)} img 1x 4
Demi Vocation Upgrade {Upgrade your vocation +1 and get special power (Demi only, Max 15)} img 1x 2
Death Ring {Damage +30 ,protect +25 heal every sec 3M} img 1x 35
Madness Elite Pass {Get Madness Elite Pass} img 1x 20
Castle {For 14 Days Give it to admin} img 1x 10
Custom House {Access to custom house give it to admin} img 1x 100
Description: Image: Points:
madness Outfit {Damage +60 / Health-mana 30%/ regeneration 50M /Speed +100 Get [Vip] before your name} img 40
Mummy Outfit {Damga +45 / Health-mana 15%/ regeneration 25M /Speed +100} img 30

Tipo Hollywood 1000000
Bersek 1000000
Khemia 1000000
Kwanzaai 1000000
Bane 1000000

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